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* dining possibilities

In the village of Bellegem there are several restaurants, in a range of 3 km, some even at walking distance. There is a choice between a chip shop, café dining, bistro and even high gastronomy

- Bellegems Friethuisje

- Eetkaffee De Koekeliere

- Brouwershuys

- Thai-Viet Royal

- Bistro St-Omer




* Wellness

Gioma Bellegem
Gioma wellness

* tourism opportunities
- Walking                                                       

* wandelnetwerk Land van Mortagne
* Argendaalpad (11 km)
* Bevergem-route Kooigem (9,1 km)

- Cycling

* Goedendagroute (49 km)
* Guldensporenroute (54 km)
* fietsknooppunt : nr 38 nearby
* Bevergemroute (46km in 3 parts)

* Boerhovenroute (MTB)
* Sjouwersroute (MTB)

- Bellegem

This village is part of the city of Kortrijk and is known by its rural character, the green environment, ’the woods of Bellegem’ and the many farms. Also remarkable is the location of the village on a hill.

But Bellegem is specially known for its brewery Omer Vander Ghinste, with its brewery tower that defines the skyline of the village. And if you are not yet familiar with the products of the brewery, you schould certainly taste the Kriek Max and the Omer, a delicacy…

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